February 02, 2015

Hello City Condo Care,

Just wanted to quick thank you for removing our snow so promptly. I was able to get walk out the house with a nice clear path and was able to exit my garage perfectly fine. Considering the fact that we got 19" of snow. Great job and Thank you again.

Dave (Condo Owner)

January 15, 2015

Hi Jaikon, 

I wanted to tell you how glad I am that we decided to go with City Condo Care after the board met you servicing our neighbors building.  After seeing your work I am even more pleased.  You are detail oriented and provide a good overview of what we need.  It is amazing how it is possible to spend time in the building every day and not notice many of these details that need attention.  The building will be in good hands with your input.

John (Board Member)

January 05, 2015

We just had a board meeting, and one of the topics was that the property never looked so nice and clean. We are impressed with C.C.C. and feel that the Board made a good decision. "Good luck with your New Business" Thank you!

Jennifer (Board Member)

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