Interior Care                                                                        


mop floors  


dust/wipe off stains                                                

clean doors/windows                                                

collect unwanted ads/paper 

replace light bulbs/smoke alarm batteries

upkeep garage

upkeep basement/laundry room

Exterior Care                                                                       

mow lawn weekly                                                                     

trim bushes                                                                              

pull weeds                                                                                 

blow decks/sidewalks                                                               snow/ice removal                                                                     pick up trash around property                                                              

plans and Services

City Condo Care plan suggestions just for your property:

Our professional team will walk thru your property and suggest the best service plan that best fits your properties needs and budget to keep your condo appearance looking nice and fresh all the time.

*Complete Plan includes all season services, accept for Extra services.

*Complete Plan includes weekly care of interior and exterior care on every visit.

*Complete Plan includes general supplies like - ice melt, light bulbs, and detector batteries. 

*Custom plans are available to best fit your budget and needs.

Interior Extras

carpet cleaning

painting hallways/lobby

light handyman work

Exterior Extras

lawn fertilizer plan

tree/plants fertilizer plan

landscaping installation

hardscape installation

planting bed mulch

sod/grass seed installation

power washing/window washing

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